Oh Yeah! Software brings you their prime product in ProWager - Software for Bookies.  This software allows you to pretend you're a real-life bookie.  Keep your lists of clients, games, spreads, bets, etc. and figure out the bottom line at the press of a button!

While you have a few minutes to kill, Oh Yeah! Software also gives you a free product in Joker Poker.  It's an addicting video poker game that has two jokers and a 5-of-a-kind bonus that carries over from player to player.  The bonus pictures turn from diamonds to clubs to hearts to spades then to stars!  Each picture being worth additional bonus points!

ProWager - Software for Bookies

ProWager is the ultimate tool for helping you keep track of clients, their bets, and all of the game outcomes.  It's simple to use and saves you so much time in calculating bet outcomes and double checking your results.

Joker Poker

This is a fun Video Poker game and the best part is that it's free.  So download and enjoy.

SiriusKA (Sirius Keep Alive)

SiriusKA is used to keep the SiriusXM Player from timing out. Typically, the SiriusXM player prompts the user to click a button every 90 minutes to ensure that someone is at the PC listening to the player. This program enables the player to continue playing past 90 minutes without user interaction.  Oh yeah, it's free.