ProWager - Software for Bookies

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Your Bookie software is finally here...

You can add, change, or delete a client using our Client Administration Screen...

Client Administration Screen


You can enter the spreads and overs/unders for each game using our Spread-O/U screen...

Enter Spreads Screen


You can enter your clients' bets using our Enter Bets screen...

Enter Bets Screen


You can enter the scores for each game using our Enter Scores screen...

Enter Scores Screen


You can show the results for each client using our Show Results screen...

Show Results Screen


You can make adjustments to or settle up a client account using our Add Ledger screen...

Add Ledger Screen


You easily change the payout odds using our Enter Odds screen...

Enter Odds Screen


You can easily change rounding calculations and teaser points using our Options screen...

Change Options Screen


You can easily see where the money's riding on a particular day using our Show Money screen...

Show Money Screen


You can also easily delete information from the ProWager database using our Delete Information screen...

Delete Information Screen


You also have the ability to edit rotations as well as add your own by using our Edit Rotations screen...

Edit Rotations Screen


All of your clients are stored in a database and all of their bets could be kept forever or for a week. It's up to you. You run the show. Imagine clicking one button and having all of your client's bets figured out. No more errors!!! All that said, remember, ProWager is for amusement only.

Interested in buying a copy and saving, saving, saving time, ah, I mean money?

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